Made in Holland and proven since 1935

We produce all our buildings based on one reliable system, so we can maintain low costs and high quality. Thanks to the wide range of options the buildings are adjustable to the wishes of the end-user. You can, for example, opt for light-permeable corrugated sheets, anti-condensation felt coating in the roof, isolation, tilt-and-turn windows, various colours, ventilation, projecting roofs, etc. We’ll always find a solution in our standard system to fit your need.

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01. Foundations
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There’s a wide range of possibilities for applying various foundations, both for temporary and permanent application. You can opt for a wooden or concrete ring beam, concrete slabs, concrete foundation blocks or a concrete floor.

02. Structure
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The structure is made of steel tubing or IPE profiles. The choice of profile is determined by our structural engineers and depends on the snow and wind load. The production of related parts, such as cross-braces and connection profiles, is carried out by us. This also applies to the coating of the structure. Galvanisation is optional.

03. Purlins
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We use impregnated and pre-drilled wooden purlins for their beneficial qualities. The modification process is sustainable and simple, the assembly process is quick, and the prices are affordable. If you’d prefer steel purlins, that can be arranged.

04. Gable construction
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Our pre-manufactured system gable has a very low weight and requires little transport volume. The gable can also be assembled on location in a sustainable and simple manner. All holes are pre-drilled for a rapid assembly process.

05. Sliding doors
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Our sliding doors are made of a galvanised steel frame fitted with cladding. What make our system unique are its long lifespan and flexibility, and it also requires no maintenance. In addition, we deliver wicket doors with all accessories, which are easy to assemble.

06. Cladding for wall and roof
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In the standard edition our buildings are equipped with steel corrugated sheets. We have 11 standard RAL-colours and can supply various editions.

07. Mounting and finish
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As finish we deliver steel metal-work and roof-edge covering in the same colour as the cladding. All mounting materials are included in the building kit, down to the final screw.

08. Building kit
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We supply buildings in kit form, in which every building comes with assembly drawings. Transport can be by truck or open-top container for faraway destinations.

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