Corrugated sheet

As the manufacturer of the Romney building (which is known world wide) with its galvanised steel cladding, we are unequalled in our ability to quickly supply a wide range of corrugated sheet material at competitive prices. Various qualities and versions are available, both straight and curved.

Galvanised corrugated steel sheets, type 76/18

Technical details:
  • Total sheet width app.: 830 mm
  • Width after overlap app.: 760 mm
  • Depth of corrugation: 18 mm
  • Length: to specification up to maximum 7000 mm
  • Arches from corrugated sheet: minimum bending radius approximately 4 metres


Galvanised corrugated steel sheet (zinc layer app. 275 gr/m2)

  • Thickness 0.56 mm
  • Available in 11 RAL colours
  • A side with silicone polyester coating
  • B side protected with paint

Perforated corrugated steel sheet

  • For internal use, in particular for sound insulation. (Thickness 0.56 mm)
  • Sprayed in grey white RAL 9002

Corrugated polyester sheet

  • Corrugated polyester sheet for use in rooflights
  • 85% translucent
  • Sheet width: 910 mm
  • Width after overlap: 760 mm
  • Fire class B2

Condensation stop corrugated sheet

  • Single-wall corrugated steel sheet, with one side coated in silicone polyester and the other in water-absorbing felt.
How it works

Condensation is created when the temperature of the corrugated steel sheet is equal to or lower than the dew point of the air in the building, in part dependent on the air humidity. The felt absorbs this moisture (max. 900 gr/m2). Between the periods of condensation, the absorbed water will evaporate.

Packs of corrugated sheet
Factory hall for corrugated sheet
Transport of corrugated sheet
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Photos of corrugated sheet

Corrugated sheet

  • Galvanised corrugated steel sheets
  • Length to specification up to 7000 mm
  • 11 colours, silicone polyester coating
  • Perforated and translucent polyester sheets are also available
Technical details
Total sheet width: ca. 830 mm
Width after overlap: ca. 760 mm
Depth of corrugation: 18 mm
Length: tot 7000 mm
Arches from sheet: min. bending radius +/-4 metres
RAL colours for corrugated sheet
RAL 1015 Light ivory
RAL 3009 Oxide red
RAL 3016 Coral red
RAL 5010 Gentian blue
RAL 6009 Pine green
RAL 6011 Reseda green
RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
RAL 7035 Light grey
RAL 8014 Sepia brown
RAL 9002 Grey white
RAL 9006 Blank aluminium

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