Our story

We have got you covered


Independency goes a long way.

But every now and then

we find ourselves in a situation

in which we could use some back-up.

These are the times you need to know

that someone has got you covered.


At Snoei we are that someone.

We are the ones that help you out.

When you need room, we create space.

When you need protection, we give you shelter.

And when you are doing business, we are at your side.


Since 1935 our people at Snoei

have been developing and producing

the smartest, most flexible, friendly priced

and sustainable barracks,

workshops, hangars and warehouses.

We give you the opportunity to grow,

to expand, to develop your business,

to be productive and to be safe.


Either way we get you the most

suitable building for all your needs.


Either way ... we have got you covered.