Pitched roof buildings

Building with straight side walls and a pitched roof. Free span from 11 to 20 metres. Various standard types with different side wall heights, ridge heights and various types of doors and window frames. Non-standard sizes available on request. All types are available as multi-span, meaning that various buildings can be coupled together.


The cladding consists of galvanised corrugated steel sheet, with on the outside a silicone polyester coating, available in 11 standard colours. Translucent polyester sheets are fitted in the roof to allow daylight to enter.

Several strong points of the pitched roof building:
  • Unique, strong and relatively lightweight construction
  • Competitive price, cost-saving assembly
  • Fast, flexible delivery of standard types
  • Supplied in kit form, therefore minimum transport volume
  • Modular structure, therefore flexible in length and width
  • All materials are made in our own factory
  • Steel components are welded in accordance with strict (German) welding standards
  • Galvanised parts can also be supplied
  • The structure can be strengthened in the event of higher snow and/ or wind loads
  • Easy to insulate
Inside of pitched roof building
Roof trusses of pitched roof building
Pitched roof building
Assembly on site
  • Simple and fast assembly and disassembly
  • No reinforced foundation required
  • Only a few days needed to assemble, quickly ready for use
  • Possibility to add sections, change the size or move the building
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Photos of pitched roof buildings

Pitched roof buildings

  • Building with straight walls and pitched roof
  • 10 different standard types
  • Width from 11 to 20 metres

Pitched roof buildings


Multispan Pitched roof buildings

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